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Odyssey, a division of Callaway Golf, is coming with a new line of putters in 2015. Some might consider it the equivalent of its greatest hits. But it has something new incorporated in its familiar designs.

Odyssey Works putters is a high performance technology platform that takes everything its known about putting and puts it to work, according to the company. The new line promises to get the ball rolling quicker and into a pure roll faster. “We took a thin mesh (.4 mm thick) of stainless steel and adhere it to the surface. And what that does - the stainless steel with the oval pattern - is give you the friction you’re looking for to put that better roll on it. But, it is also thin enough that it flexes with the impact so you get the feel, sound and resiliency of the White Hot insert,” explained Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer for Odyssey. “So it’s the best of both worlds. You get the great roll with the mesh and the great feel with the White Hot insert.”

The new line includes several familiar Odyssey models: #1, #1Wide, #7, #9, V-Line, 2-Ball Fang, #1Wide Arm Lock, #1Wide Tank, #7 Tank, Rossie #1 Tank. The company said all of the models (besides #1Wide Arm Lock) will also be available with a Superstroke grip for anyone wishing one. Odyssey will also offer a 2-Ball Fang version, which incorporates the look of both models. Odyssey Works putters will be at retail by the end of January.

(Source Terry McAndrew Golf 7/1/15)

History of Odyssey Golf


Odyssey Golf, the #1 Putter on Tour, redefines the performance of the modern milled putter with the launch of the technologically advanced Metal-X Milled line of products.

The new range of putters features Metal-X Roll Technology that's chemically milled into the face, producing truer putts with more consistent roll. This, combined with Stabilising Crossbar Technology to stiffen the face, and Adjustable Weighting to customise feel, delivers a superior performance putter that sets a new benchmark in the premium putter market.

Available in six trusted Odyssey head shapes – #1, #6, #7, #9 HT, 330 Mallet and Rossie – the new Metal-X Milled promotes a lower launch angle and forward rotation to the golf ball. This comes courtesy of chemically milled oval depressions on the face that maximise the mechanical lock with a golf ball’s dimples to increase friction and impart a more controlled and consistent roll. With the addition of the Stabilising Crossbar, visible from the back, and which stiffens the face to stabilise sound and feel, and an Adjustable Weight Kit which offers three sets of customisable weights to fine tune preferred head weight to either 340g, 350g or 360g, Metal-X Milled dials in the ultimate in customised feel.

The Odyssey Metal-X Milled Putter is already winning friends on Tour, with Callaway Staff Professional, Chris Kirk, claiming his second PGA Tour victory at the McGladrey Classic after switching to the new Metal-X Milled #1. Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer, Odyssey Golf, said, “With the introduction of Metal-X Milled, Odyssey is making a statement about performance and what can be achieved by bringing together a series of truly ground-breaking technologies. As a company Callaway/Odyssey are driven by technology to turn putting into an art form and with Metal-X Milled we’ve re-written the rules and created a concept that, once more, underlines why Odyssey is the #1 putter brand in golf.”

Odyssey Metal-X Milled #1 Metal-X Milled #1 Odyssey Metal-X Milled #6 Metal-X Milled #6 Odyssey Metal-X Milled #7 Metal-X Milled #7 Odyssey Metal-X Milled #9HT Metal-X Milled #9HT Odyssey Metal-X Milled 330 Mallet Metal-X Milled 330 Mallet Odyssey Metal-X Milled Rossie Metal-X Milled Rossie The Odyssey Metal-X Milled Putters, in store from January 17, 2014, will be available in lengths 33in-35in, at the following recommended retail price: GBP 249

The History of Odyssey Golf Putters at www.golfgeardirect.co.uk


The Birth of the Insert. Odyssey develops the first mallet putters molded entirely from a lightweight, yet soft and resilient elastomer called “Stronomic.” The first line is available in two sizes – the larger Rossie I and the smaller Rossie II – and features an integral brass weight for heel-toe weighting and a slightly rearward Center of Gravity. Two years after its introduction, the Stronomic Putter earns a Tour win and quickly garners wide acceptance among pros.

Odyssey introduces Dual Force bronze putters with a black Stronomic insert and Dual Force stainless steel blade putters, the latter of which catapults Tour usage. The entire line is manufactured through a special patented process, in which engineers cast a new, softer urethane material into the cavity of the metal putter head. The urethane helps to redistribute weight to the toe and the heel, increase the MOI, and ensure soft feel at impact.

Odyssey establishes itself as the #1 Putter in Golf thanks to widespread Tour usage and sales

Odyssey revolutionizes the golfing world with the release of White Hot 2-Ball Putters, combining superior, patented alignment technology with new, innovative weight distribution. The white discs on top of the putter help line up putts, while its design increases MOI, generating a smoother stroke, improved ball roll, and more forgiving off-center hits. It quickly becomes the best-selling putter in the world.

With an Odyssey prototype putter in hand, Phil Mickelson makes history and shoots a 59

2011 D.A.R.T.
Based on the brain's ability to complete images that the eye doesn't initially see, D.A.R.T. Technology ensures that the face of the putter is in line with the target and promotes consistent contact with the center of the face for greater distance control.

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