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Golf Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs

At Golf Gear Direct we stock some of the best Drivers, Fairway Woods, Rescue Woods and Hybrid Clubs from all the World's Leading Golf Equipment Manufacturers including Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Wilson, Yonex, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist Golf Woods too. 

Golf Drivers

Golf drivers are the largest club in a golfer's bag, designed to hit the ball the farthest distance off the tee. They feature a large clubhead, a long shaft, and a low loft angle to maximize distance. Golf drivers typically range in loft angle from 8 to 13 degrees, with lower lofted drivers producing lower ball flights and more distance, while higher lofted drivers produce a higher ball flight and more spin for better control. 

Golfers choose drivers based on their skill level, swing speed, and playing style. Modern golf drivers feature advanced technology such as adjustable weights, movable hosels, and multi-material construction, which can be customized to suit the individual golfer's needs and preferences.

Golf Fairway Woods

Golf fairway woods are clubs that are designed for long-range shots on the fairway or from the rough. They have a slightly smaller clubhead than drivers, a longer shaft than irons, and a higher loft angle. Golfers use fairway woods to hit shots from the fairway or rough that require distance and accuracy. Fairway woods are typically numbered from 3 to 11, with lower numbers providing more distance and higher numbers providing more loft and easier ball launch.

Modern fairway woods feature advanced technology such as adjustable hosels, weighting systems, and multi-material construction, which can be customized to suit the individual golfer's needs and preferences. Golfers of all skill levels use fairway woods as a versatile club that can help improve their game.

Golf Hybrid Clubs - Rescue Clubs

Golf hybrid clubs, also known as rescue clubs, are a cross between a fairway wood and an iron. They have a smaller clubhead than a fairway wood, a shorter shaft than a fairway wood but longer than an iron, and a higher loft angle than an iron. Hybrid clubs are designed to replace long irons, providing golfers with a more forgiving and easier-to-hit option. They are versatile clubs that can be used from the fairway, rough, or tee box. Hybrid clubs are numbered like irons, with the most common options being 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Modern hybrid clubs feature advanced technology such as adjustable hosels, weighting systems, and multi-material construction, which can be customized to suit the individual golfer's needs and preferences. Golfers of all skill levels use hybrid clubs as a versatile and forgiving club that can help improve their game.

To ensure that golfers have the right golf clubs to suit their playing style and performance to get the best results possible on the golf course, Golf Gear Direct offers our customers the ability to come to our custom fitting centre to that they can receive professional advice to ensure that the golf clubs they are buying are the best to match their ability, posture, stance and swing speed to generate the best performance possible out on the course. 

Call 01622 891675 for advice on Custom Fitting, or visit the Performance Fitting Centre in Headcorn, Kent for a consultation with one of our filly trained custom fitting specialists.

We offer FREE custom-fitted options on most of the models available and we are authorised custom fitting specialists for Wilson, Mizuno, Callaway, Cobra, TaylorMade, Yonex, Titleist and Ping.

If you require any assistance with your purchase, please contact us on 01622 891675 or at [email protected].

You ask? we answer:

What woods should a golfer have?

The better your swing, the less forgiving club you require whereas the more your swing needs work, the better off you are with a more forgiving club design. A modern set of golf clubs typically consists of two or three woods, a 1-driver, #3 fairway wood and possibly either #5 or #7 wood

What loft should my golf driver have?

Typically the average loft for a Mens Golf Driver is 10.5 degrees and for Ladies it's 13 degrees.  

Why are Golf Drivers available in other loft options?

The loft you choose on your Golf Driver will depend upon your golfing ability and the flight characteristics you are trying to achieve.  As a very vague rule of thumb a 9 degree driver will fly lowwer than a 10.5 degree version and a 12 degree driver will fly higher than a 10.5 degree driver. However there are other factors which determine the peformance of a golf club, swing speeds, angle of attack, weight of chaft, flex of shaft, biis of the head set up etc. Please do all us on 01622 891675 if you wish to discuss your golf driver set up or alternatively book a face to face custom fit at our Performance Fitting Centre here in Kent, England: Book a custom fitting appointment  

Why are golf shafts available in different flexes?

The faster you swing a golf club the stiffer the shaft you require. This helps to control the clubhead through the ball and enables you to strike the ball woth the correct dynamic face angle. Shafts are available in Ladies Flex, Lightweight/Senior Flex, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff. 

What is the loft of a #3 Fairway Wood?

The average loft of a #3 fairway wood is 15 degress for Men and 17 degrees for Ladies. Golfers can also purchase a #3 Fairway Wood with stronger lofts for a lower flight.  

How often should you replace your golf woods?

A leading brand named golf driver, fairway wood or hybrid club should last for about 150 to 200 rounds. If you have a fast swing speed you may find the replacement cycle to be shorter considering the stronger impact made every time you strike a ball.

Do I need a #3 wood as a beginner?

Our advice for a beginner would be yes, make sure you have a 3 wood in your golf bag as you may find it easier to use from the tee when you first start playing, due to the more generous loft of the head than a driver. It also has a shorter shaft than a driver which also makes it easier to use.

Golf Drivers

The pinnacle of power and distance in a golfer's arsenal. This comprehensive guide explores the nuances of golf drivers, from their design and technology to selecting the perfect driver to maximize your tee shots.

Section 1: Understanding Golf Drivers

1.1 The Role of the Golf Driver

Discover how golf drivers are specifically designed for maximum distance off the tee, making them essential for setting up successful subsequent shots.

1.2 Anatomy of a Driver

Explore the components that make up a golf driver, including the clubhead, shaft, grip, and features like adjustability and loft settings.

1.3 Driver Technology Evolution

Learn about the evolution of driver technology, from traditional wooden drivers to the cutting-edge materials and innovations seen in modern drivers.

Section 2: Key Features and Design

2.1 Clubhead Design

Delve into the intricacies of driver clubhead designs, including considerations like head size, face angle, and center of gravity (CG) placement.

2.2 Shaft Variability

Understand the significance of shaft flex, length, and materials in tailoring a driver to suit your swing and generate optimal launch conditions.

2.3 Moment of Inertia (MOI)

Learn about MOI and its impact on forgiveness and stability during off-center hits, helping you maintain consistency in your drives.

Section 3: Choosing the Perfect Golf Driver

3.1 Loft Selection

Explore the relationship between driver loft and launch angle, and how to choose the right loft for your swing speed and desired ball flight.

3.2 Adjustability Features

Discover the benefits of adjustable drivers, allowing you to fine-tune loft, lie, and weight distribution to optimize performance.

3.3 Custom Fitting

Learn about the importance of custom fitting and how it can help you find a driver that maximizes your potential on the course.

Section 4: Mastering Driver Techniques

4.1 Address and Setup

Understand the proper setup and address position for driving success, including grip, ball position, and alignment.

4.2 The Golf Swing

Explore the nuances of the golf swing when using a driver, emphasizing a sweeping, upward strike to optimize launch and distance.

4.3 Hitting the Tee Shot

Get tips on how to confidently and consistently launch tee shots with power and accuracy using your driver.

Section 5: Driver Maintenance and Care

5.1 Cleaning and Inspection

Learn how to keep your driver in top shape with regular cleaning and thorough inspections.

5.2 Storage Tips

Discover the best practices for storing your driver to prevent damage and ensure its longevity.

Golf Drivers epitomise the pursuit of distance and power on the golf course. By understanding the nuances of driver design, technology, and proper technique, you can harness the immense potential of these clubs to consistently achieve longer, accurate tee shots. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the game, a well-chosen and well-maintained driver can be a game-changer in elevating your performance and enjoyment on the fairways.

Golf Fairway Woods

Essential clubs in a golfer's bag, designed to deliver impressive distance and accuracy from challenging fairway lies and tee shots. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key features, benefits, and considerations for choosing the perfect fairway wood to enhance your golf game.

Section 1: Understanding Fairway Woods

1.1 What are Fairway Woods?

Fairway woods are a subset of golf clubs designed for longer shots than irons, typically used for shots off the fairway and the tee.

1.2 Club Characteristics

Explore the design elements of fairway woods, including clubhead size, loft angle, and materials used in their construction.

1.3 Differences from Drivers and Irons

Understand how fairway woods differ from drivers and irons in terms of purpose, design, and usage.

Section 2: Benefits of Fairway Woods

2.1 Distance and Versatility

Learn how fairway woods offer a balanced combination of distance and control, making them ideal for various course situations.

2.2 Playability from Various Lies

Discover how fairway woods can help golfers navigate different lies, such as fairway, rough, and even light bunkers.

2.3 Off-the-Tee Performance

Explore the advantages of using fairway woods off the tee for accuracy and distance on longer holes.

Section 3: Choosing the Right Fairway Wood

3.1 Loft Selection

Understand how loft angles affect trajectory and distance, and learn how to choose the appropriate loft for your needs.

3.2 Shaft Flex and Material

Explore the significance of shaft flex and material in optimizing swing speed and control.

3.3 Adjustability and Customization

Learn about adjustable fairway woods and how they allow golfers to fine-tune their club to suit their swing and course conditions.

Section 4: Using Fairway Woods Effectively

4.1 Fairway Shots

Discover proper techniques for using fairway woods from the fairway, including setup, stance, and swing mechanics.

4.2 Tee Shots

Learn how to confidently hit fairway woods off the tee, with tips on tee height and setup.

4.3 Specialty Shots

Explore advanced shots, such as hitting from light rough, dealing with uneven lies, and using fairway woods for approach shots on long par-4s and par-5s.

Section 5: Fairway Wood Maintenance

5.1 Cleaning and Care

Get insights into keeping your fairway woods in top condition through regular cleaning and maintenance.

5.2 Storage Tips

Learn how to store your fairway woods to prevent damage and extend their lifespan.

Golf Fairway Woods are versatile and valuable clubs that can significantly enhance your game by providing a perfect balance of distance, control, and playability. By understanding their features, benefits, and proper usage techniques, you can confidently incorporate fairway woods into your golfing strategy and enjoy improved performance on the course.



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