Golf Batteries

At Golf Gear Direct golfers can access a great range of electric golf trolley batteries to ensure that when using PowaKaddy Golf Trolleys and Motocaddy Golf Trolleys you will always have enough power to continue playing a full day of golf with your golf clubs travelling around the golf course with ease.


Trolley Accessories

For electric golf trolleys, it is always a great idea to have a spare battery or charger ready to use if you have forgotten to place the trolley on charge between rounds of golf and it doesn’t have enough charge or plan to play several holes of golf all day and need an extra power boost. 

With a great selection of lithium batteries from Motocaddy and PowaKaddy that provide brilliant power and extended range Golf Gear Direct offers golfers the ability to continue playing golf all day without having to worry about their electric golf trolley coming to a sudden stop.