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Golf Balls

Golf Balls at Golf Gear Direct

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The widest range of golf balls

We have high quality golf balls for sale from all the leading golf brands in the world of golf including Callaway, Mizuno, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson all available at the lowest guaranteed prices.

At Golf Gear Direct, we also offer Free Delivery on all orders over £40 in value and all golf balls models are available at the Lowest Guaranteed UK Prices to ensure you get the best deal. See our multi-buy deals for even greater savings.

Choosing the correct golf ball can significantly impact your performance on the golf course. Golf balls are not all the same, and they come in various designs and constructions, which affect their performance. Here are some reasons why it's important to buy the correct golf ball:


Golf balls are designed with varying degrees of compression, which affects the distance they can travel. For example, high compression balls are designed for players with faster swing speeds and provide more distance, while low compression golf balls are designed for slower swing speeds and provide less distance


The amount of spin a ball generates can also impact your game. Some premium golf balls are designed to provide more spin, which can help you control your shots and land the ball closer to your target. On the other hand, other golf balls are designed to provide less spin, which can help you hit straighter shots but may not be as useful in certain situations


Golf balls also come in different materials, and the type of material can affect how the ball feels when you hit it. For example, some golf balls are made of softer materials and provide a softer feel, while others are made of harder materials and provide a firmer feel

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can also affect how the ball performs. For instance, some golf balls are designed to perform better in windy conditions, while others may work better in warmer or colder temperatures. The correct golf ball can make a significant difference in your game, so it's important to consider your skill level, swing speed, and other factors when selecting a ball for you.

Lake Balls

These are refurbished second hand golf balls literally recovered from lakes by professional divers and can offer exceptional value for money compared to new golf balls

There is a wide range of golf balls for sale designed to offer different performance so that every skill level can be paired with the right golfer. For the more accomplished player who wants to enhance their performance out on the golf course we have products such as the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls and Srixon Z Star available. If you are a golfer who may struggle to generate the ball speed and who have slower swing speeds, there are distance options that have been designed by brands including Srixon golf balls and TaylorMade golf balls so it is easier to create speed and power with every club.

We also have a golf balls sale department for seasonal offers.

The Widest Selection Of The Best Brand Named Balls, available today at discounted prices with free and fast delivery from Golf Gear Direct

If you are unable to find your favourite Golf Ball on our site, please do not hesitate to call us on 01622 891671 and we shall happy to help.

Need help selecting the correct golf ball? Click here to read our blog.

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