Golf Shoe Accessories

Looking after your golf shoes is one of the simplest ways to ensure you are ready for a great round of golf. Having a pair of spiked golf shoes that offer the optimal amount of traction can be the difference between a perfect golf swing or a mishit due to poor footing. 


At Golf Gear Direct there are a range of replaceable cleats that have been designed so that when attached to your mens golf shoes golfers are able to experience brilliant traction and stability on the turf so that greater speed and power can be created when swinging golf clubs. 

To ensure that your golf shoes are protected while also being housed in an easy to carry bag, Click Golf provides an incredible range of golf shoe bags that not only look great but ensure your golf shoes can be taken to and from the golf course easily. With brands such as Callaway Golf, Nike, Under Armour and Wilson you will be able to browse a great selection of golf bags to make sure that when bringing your golf shoes to the course they are protected but also stored in a stylish and easy to carry bag.

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