Big Max Golf Trolleys and Trolley Bags

BIG MAX is one of Europe`s leading trolley and golf bag manufacturers and was founded 1994.

BIG MAX is a leading brand name, that now conquers global markets. After pioneering 3-wheel trolleys they have plenty of additional achievements: The Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Trolleys have won the Editors Choice Golf Digest 2018 award, succeeding in bringing to market the most spectacular trolley in terms of design and functionality.

The most important premise of BIG MAX are quality, innovation and functionality of all products. The quality of products has been improved every year and this gives us the confidence to offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years for BIG MAX Push-and Pull Trolleys.

BIG MAX provides golfers with an incredible range of golf trolleys that use a range of different technologies, designs and features to ensure every golf can have access to a lightweight golf trolley that is easy to use and will last for years.