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Golf Wedges

Golf Wedges at Golf Gear Direct

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The widest selection of Golf Wedges

Specialised clubs used in golf that are designed to help golfers hit high, short shots with a lot of spin. They are typically used for shots that require a high degree of accuracy, such as approach shots, bunker shots, and shots around the green. We have a terrific range of the best golf wedges so look no further than Golf Gear Direct  Wedges come in a variety of lofts, which refers to the angle of the clubface. The most common lofts for wedges are the pitching wedge (usually around 45-50 degrees), the sand wedge (usually around 54-58 degrees), and the lob wedge (usually around 58-64 degrees). Each loft is designed to hit shots at a different trajectory and distance.

Golf Wedges have a distinctive clubhead shape, with a high bounce angle and a wide, rounded sole. This design helps the club glide smoothly through sand and other soft surfaces, reducing the chance of the club digging into the ground and causing a fat shot. Many golfers carry multiple wedges in their bag to accommodate different situations on the course. Some golfers prefer to use a set of matching wedges from their iron set, while others opt for specialty wedges from different manufacturers. Wedges are an essential part of a golfer's arsenal, helping to provide the precision and control needed to execute delicate shots around the green. Our golf wedges are available from all of the leading brands in golf including Ping, Cleveland, Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra, Mizuno and Wilson Staff.  At Golf Gear Direct, we offer a Next Day delivery service on all standard in stock items and our Lowest Price Guarantee will ensure you get the best deal on our wide range of products.

Read our Guide to buying golf wedges here

At Golf Gear Direct we stock a brilliant range of golf wedges so that players can get the perfect golf club to match their skill level and playing style for greater performances on the golf course. With brands such as Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Mizuno and more you will be able to find the perfect golf wedge for you.

Leading wedges in stock Golf Gear Direct:

If you require any assistance with your purchase, please contact us on 01622 891675 or at [email protected] We offer Free UK delivery with our Lowest Price Promise Guarantee too. So, find the best golf wedge for you at the lowest prices here at Golfgeardirect.co.uk!

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