Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Membership Rewards

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When you become a Birdie, Eagle or Albatross member here at Golfgeardirect.co.uk, you will receive the best discount available and will be rewarded every time you shop, whether it be a large purchase or a small one. Loyalty Rewards can only be redeemed when logging into your Golfgeardirect account. If you create an account with an email address used for previous guest orders in the last 365 days, these orders will count towards your loyalty rewards. The table below shows the different tiers with their applicable discounts:

Loyalty TiersQualifying ThresholdDiscount
Birdie £350 3%
Eagle £750 5%
Albatross £1000 8%

A Golfgeardirect customers' status is determined by the amount spent over the last 365 rolling days:

Birdie members have spent over £350 in the last rolling 365 days and receive an exclusive 3% discount that will be included off the live prices.

Eagle members have spent over £750 in the last rolling 365 days and receive an exclusive 5% discount that will be included off the live prices.

Albatross members have spent over £1000 in the last rolling 365 days and receive an exclusive 8% discount that will be included off the live prices.

This is a rolling discount, so each order you place will help maintain your exclusive discount. If you are subscribed to our email database, you will receive reminders when your discount is about to run out so you can place a new order and keep reaping the rewards. You can also check your member status in your account area.

The live prices you see already include the discount. This is highlighted in the "your loyalty price" on each product. The loyalty discount can be disabled for sale periods such as Black Friday, however this does not disable the orders counting towards your loyalty discount.


Q: I've received multiple emails in a short space of time informing me that my loyalty status is about to run out, what does this mean?
Your loyalty membership is based on a rolling 365 day period and is calculated daily. If you have an order that is 366 days old, it will no longer count for this loyalty reward and will drop off.

Q: How do I apply my loyalty discount?
When you're logged into your Golfgeardirect  account, your loyalty discount will be visible, the discount is automatically applied to the list price of all items on our site. This also applies to sale items. 

Q: I've placed an order which is over £750 which qualifies me as an Eagle member, can you refund the 5% discount against my order?
This cannot be refunded. The £750+ order you've just placed has allowed you to qualify for the Eagle discount. This means that you'll benefit from the 5% discount on all qualifying orders placed in the next 365 days.

Q: I've just placed an order for £750+. How long will it take for my status to update?
This is an overnight process for your loyalty status to change, where this can be monitored in your account. If your status still hasn't updated after this time then please let us know.

Terms and Conditions

  • The purchase of gift vouchers do not count towards your running total, however when you use gift vouchers this does count towards your spend.
  • Your loyalty discount can be disabled for live price drops such as Black Friday, however purchases will still count towards your loyalty discount.
  • The value of any returned items will be deducted from your running total.
  • Postage costs will also count towards your running total.
  • Loyalty discount is not applied to the price of gift vouchers
  • When creating an account, any previous guest orders made under that email address in the last 365 days will count towards your loyalty rewards.
  • If you log into your account and proceed to checkout and wish to pay by phone, then this will still count towards your loyalty discount.
  • Only fulfilled orders will count towards the scheme. Any returns or cancellations will automatically be updated on your account and will reflect upon your loyalty rewards. 
  • Loyalty discounts may not apply to some items. These items will not show the "Your loyalty discount" widget and will have the standard price shown.
  • Medway Golf Centre has the right to close an account/stop the scheme or amend it at any time.