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PowaKaddy Golf Trolley Accessories

PowaKaddy Golf Trolley Accessories at Golf Gear Direct

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Accessories for Powakaddy Golf Trolleys

Find all that you need to compliment your PowaKaddy Golf Trolley and Golf Bag purchases with our extensive range of PowaKaddy accessories here at Golf Gear Direct

What should I do with a Lithium battery not completing 18 holes?

Most lithium batteries are purchased as a replacement for a Lead-acid battery that is not completing 18 holes and it is possible that a new Lithium battery could also fail to complete 18 holes when used with the same trolley. There is a tendency to assume that the battery is always the cause of the problem, without other possible causes being considered: Over 90% of Lithium batteries not completing 18 holes are not faulty when tested The cause of the problem is often excessive power draw from a faulty motor or gearbox The original Lead-acid battery may not have been faulty either

How do I establish if a Lithium battery is faulty?
Ensure that the owner has properly charged the battery with the 3-pin mains power lead securely inserted. With the battery unattached the charger should display a green light. With the battery attached the light will turn to red, at least briefly whilst it initiates communication with the battery. If the battery is already charged the light will soon turn to green. If it remains red then the battery needs charging and the light will only turn green when charging is complete.
It is essential that if a Lithium battery is not completing 18 holes, tests are undertaken to establish if the cause is the trolley or the battery. In the absence of suitable testing equipment, the simplest way to proceed is for the owner to use their trolley for a round of golf with a loan 18-hole lead-acid battery which is known to be good.
If the trolley also fails to get round 18 holes then the cause is likely to be the trolley. In this situation the owner should have their trolley diagnosed and serviced by the manufacturer’s local Service Centre.
If the trolley completed 18 holes with the loan Lead-acid battery, then the lithium battery should be tested at the local Battery Test Centre.


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