Electric Golf Trolleys

At Golf Gear Direct you will be able to explore a wide range of electric trolleys that are available from PowaKaddy and Motocaddy designed to make it as easy as possible to transport a golfer's golf clubs around their favourite golf course with ease while also offering incredible features such as high-resolution distance measuring touchscreens that provide clear views of the golf course layout, remote control, enhanced braking systems, and incredible stability.

At Golf Gear Direct we offer Free Next Day Delivery (click here to read our Delivery Terms and Conditions), a free gift with every purchase of a Motocaddy Golf Trolley, and our Lowest Price Guarantee to make sure you are getting the best deal on our wide range of products.


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Discover the popular range of electric golf trolley models from PowaKaddy and Motocaddy who have created some of the best electric golf trolleys on the market today with their incredible range on the golf course while also featuring amazing accessories and features that make using them even easier than before. These golf trolleys also benefit from an extended warranty and free UK delivery from Golf Gear Direct. Our customer service team of PGA experts are always on hand to help by inspiring confidence in your game. 


To make sure every golfer has the perfect golf cart bag to suit the electric golf trolley of their choice Golf Gear Direct also stocks a wide range of Golf Bags to complement any trolley frame. Find out more about the available electric trolley models that we have stocked here at Golf Gear Direct below to discover which golf trolleys are best suited to your needs. 


18-Hole Lithium

There is an endless collection of standard lithium golf trolleys that are available for golfers to choose from, all provided by the leading brands in the industry. Discover the FX Collection by PowaKaddy or opt for the M Series by Motocaddy which are constantly in demand from golfers worldwide who want the best golf trolleys possible to use at their favourite golf course.  An 18-hole trolley will get you around the course in record time. 


The battery is equipped with the power to drive your game through 18 holes in one charge. Play 36 holes on a regular basis, opt for the 36-hole lithium trolley, also referred to as an Extended Lithium Golf Trolley. You’ll notice a significant improvement to the lifecycle of the trolley battery.


36-Hole Lithium

Our 36 hole lithium golf trolleys are set up to go the extra mile. Venturing onto the golf course for back-to-back rounds or tackling hilly terrain? A 36-hole trolley will drive your game with additional power and ensure that a full day of golf can be enjoyed while having your golf clubs effortless keep with you when walking from tee to tee.


Lead Acid

While less popular now, and hard to come across, Golf Gear Direct stock a small selection of Lead Acid golf trolleys. A lead-acid battery comes with the benefit of a lower cost price, although golfers often notice some unnecessary additional weight. We strongly advise that customers carefully consider choosing a lithium battery. You will therefore gain extended warranty, remain up to date with industry trends, and eliminate bulky weight from your trolley frame. 


Added features

The incredible range of electric golf trolleys that are available here at Golf Gear Direct feature some of the latest and most innovative features ever equipped to a golf trolley before. Golf trolleys such as the PowaKaddy CT6 and CT8 feature the smallest touchscreen GPS system in the world which offers incredibly clear images of the golf course you are playing on, while also using a simple-2-fold system that allows for this electric golf trolley to be folded 35% smaller than the nearest competitor.