Wilson TRIAD Golf Ball

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Wilson TRIAD Golf Ball

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Wilson TRIAD Golf Ball

The new Wilson TRIAD golf ball has been designed to deliver powerful precision performance for golfers who want to have the freedom to easily launch a ball onto the fairway, attack the pins with power and have the control to sink a tricky putt. 

Designed with a carefully calibrated triple-layer construction, the TRIAD golf ball is able to deliver long, stable ball flights off of the tee to ensure consistent fairway shots. This has been paired with Wilsons’ thinnest-ever cover that offers incredible clubface interaction for more spin and much more control. 

To ensure that when you are on the green you have all the accuracy you will need to play straighter putts and the TRIAD has been designed with a uniform density through the entire ball so that there are no heavy areas and weight is evenly distributed around while rolling. 


High MOI Design

A high moment of inertia design delivers long, stable flight off the tee thanks to a carefully calibrated triple-layer construction. Triad holds its line, and that translates to more fairways hit.

High-Friction Cast Urethane Cover

Our thinnest-ever cover enhances clubface interaction for more control and more spin, so you can attack pins with confidence.

Tri-Balanced Construction 

Uniform density throughout all three layers was engineered by moving weight from the core to the mantle and cover, eliminating heavy spots within the ball for pinpoint accuracy and straighter putts.

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