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Choosing the Correct Golf Ball

The Widest Selection of Golf Balls:

So how do I choose the right ball for me. With the enormous range of golf balls for sale at Golf Gear Direct we understand how dififuclt it can be to select the best golf ball for you. Whether you are ean experienced player or a beginner here we try to explain what benefits or pitfalls each type of golf ball offers the golfer

Despite the technical details we are going highlight, never forget that it's important to stay within your own budget limitations as there are literally no BAD GOLF BALLS on the market nowadays. At Golf Gear Direct we have golf balls ranging from £14.99 per dozen right up to £47.99 per dozen 

As a rule of thumb remember that more spin equals more deviation in flight. So if you suffer with that common 'wicked slice' then opt for a slower spinning distance golf ball. The downside of a slower spinning 'distance' golf ball is a lack of control going into the green and a somewhat harder feel for those delicate chips and putts.   

Golf Ball Types

Distance Golf Balls

Engineered to maximise the length of your shots off the tee. These balls are designed to reduce spin, allowing for a straighter trajectory and more roll upon landing. They typically feature a firmer core, which translates to higher ball speeds and greater distances. While distance balls excel in delivering impressive yardage, they may sacrifice some feel and control around the greens compared to softer, tour-level balls. Golfers seeking that extra edge in driving distance often turn to distance golf balls to help them reach those long par-5s or challenging par-4s with confidence. Distance balls have generally been built with a larger core and thinner cover designed to travel further. 

Leading Distance Golf Balls:

Golf Balls

Spin Control Golf Balls

The go-to choice for players who prioritise precision and finesse in their game. These golf balls are meticulously crafted to offer exceptional control over spin rates, especially on approach shots and around the greens. With a softer feel and multi-layer construction, spin control balls promote higher levels of backspin, allowing skilled golfers to stop the ball quickly on the green. This added control is particularly advantageous for approach shots, chip shots, and delicate putts. While they may not provide the same explosive distance as some distance balls, spin control balls shine in their ability to shape shots and hold greens with precision, making them an ideal choice for golfers who want to fine-tune their short game. 

Leading Spin Control Golf Balls:

Golf Balls

Tour Performance Golf Balls

Engineered to meet the exacting standards of professional golfers and low-handicap players. These balls are designed to deliver exceptional distance off the tee, outstanding control on approach shots, and exceptional spin around the greens. With multi-layer construction and advanced core technologies, tour performance balls provide a perfect blend of distance and spin, allowing skilled golfers to shape their shots with precision and confidence. These balls often feature urethane covers that offer a soft feel and tremendous greenside control, enabling golfers to stop the ball quickly on the putting surface. Whether you're striving for more distance or aiming to improve your short game, tour performance golf balls are a top choice for golfers looking to elevate their overall performance on the course.

Leading Tour Performance Golf Balls:

Golf Balls


Two-Piece Golf Balls

Two piece golf balls are designed with a much larger core and a thin cover to offer a ball that is considered hard, yet offers plenty of distance. Primarily used by beginners, high-handicappers and players who have a slower swing, the two piece design maximizes the amount of kinetic energy that is transferred from the club face into the ball to create shots with great distance. 

Multi-Layer Golf Balls

Golf balls can be designed to have three, four or five layers to them to enhance the style of play that a golfer has. The different layers all work differently depending on the type of shot that is played. 

A shorter shot, sure a chip or lob, doesn’t require a full powered shot so only the outer layers will activate, which will create spin and add control to allow for a ball to stop faster on the green. While a much faster shot, such driving off of the tee, will transfer energy throughout every layer to the core which will create the power and distance you need.

Golf Balls

Alignment Golf Balls

Designed to help golfers improve their putting and alignment skills. These unique golf balls feature visual aids such as alignment lines, arrows, or target markings on their surfaces. These markings are strategically placed to assist golfers in aligning their putter correctly, ensuring that the ball is on the intended path to the hole. Alignment golf balls are valuable tools for practicing and refining putting techniques, as they provide immediate feedback on the accuracy of your stroke and alignment. They are particularly beneficial for golfers who struggle with consistency on the greens, helping them develop a more repeatable and reliable putting routine. Whether you're a beginner working on your fundamentals or an experienced golfer fine-tuning your putting skills, alignment golf balls can be a useful addition to your practice regime.

Leading Alignment Golf Balls:

Golf Balls

Coloured Golf Balls

Coloured and high-visibility golf balls have gained popularity for their distinct advantages on the golf course. These balls come in vibrant colors like neon yellow, bright orange, and even pink, making them easy to spot against the green fairways and in various lighting conditions. The enhanced visibility helps golfers quickly locate their balls, reducing the time spent searching and speeding up the pace of play. Moreover, coloured golf balls can be a fun way to express personal style and stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer a striking colour for visibility or just want to add a touch of flair to your game, colored and high-visibility golf balls offer a practical and visually appealing choice for golfers of all levels.

Leading coloured golf ball models:

Golf Balls

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