Wilson DX2 Optix Matte Golf Balls - Yellow

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Wilson DX2 Optix Matte Golf Balls - Yellow

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Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Optix Golf Balls - Yellow

The original low compresion golf ball that started a soft revolution is now easier to see and harder to ignore. Still the softest, longest and straightest, new DX2 Optix Golf Ball in Yellow delivers all the benefits of Duo Soft in matte, high visibility finish that stands out in the air and on the green.

Demand to play the world's softest golf. Demand DX2 Soft. 


Ground-breaking 29 compression for the world’s best feel.


Shallower Dimple Pattern and larger core mean increased velocity and longer distance.


Less driver side spin for shots that land in the fairway, not the rough.



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