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Galvin Green BLADE Ryder Cup Collection Jacket Windstopper


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Galvin Green BLADE, Ryder Cup Collection full zip jacket in lightweight Windstopper® - XX Large (Code: 252050-XXL) RRP: £259.95 £129.95  Inc. VAT





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  • Galvin Green BLADE Ryder Cup Collection, Full zip jacket in lightweight Windstopper®


    Windproof full zip jacket in lightweight WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell fabric. A very light and flexible garment with excellent breathability. The stretch function provides optimal freedom of movement throughout the swing. Four-colour model equipped with two front pockets and a back pocket. Ryder Cup trophy embroidered on left ches



    Totally windproof. Effectively protects against windchill.

    Maximum breathability that allows moisture vapour to evaporate.

    Thermoregulatory function keeps the body at an optimum performance temperature.

    Perfect fit for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, specially developed for golfers.

    Easy to wash and maintain, just regular machine wash.




    The WINDSTOPPER® membrane is an ultra thin, totally windproof protective layer which is laminated to a lightweight textile layer. The membrane is made of the versatile polymer PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) which is expanded to create a microporous structure. These micropores are 900 times larger than water vapour molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered.