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  • Sunglasses at golfgeardirect featuring Bolle Warrant Sunglasses in White with TLB Dark Lenses

    Bolle Sunglasses Collection Bolle celebrated their 120th anniversary in 2008, which is self explanatory to the success and credibility of the brand. The inspiration of Bolle sunglasses is to create frames that combine a frame that can endure an exceptional technical performance in sporting events as well as have immpeccable function, fit and style.

    The Bolle sunglasses collection accentuate all the characteristics the Bolle brand pride themselves in! Magnificent, style, function, fit and technical performance! All the frames consist of these characteristics however all vary in style. Some frames adopt the traditional shape and size of sporting frames, others have consumed a more contemporary style with the use of bolder, larger frames.

    Shades used for Bolle frames also immensely vary, with the use of unique colours and patterns, to traditional classical more simple shades. Which ever style appeals to you be assured you will look great as well as have a pair of sunglasses that are so comfortable, that the frames do not sit on your face, they gently hug and share your vision!

    (TLB)Toric Lens Benefits: Multiple base curves contour to the face to maximize peripheral vision and eliminate refraction. Provides protection from UV rays, dust and wind. Aligns the optical center of each lens with visual center of your eye. Prevents distortion that can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness. Made from material that is 20 times more resistant than glass. O.C.S. lens system lets you choose the right lens for your sport

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