Adidas Eyewear - Adilibria shield Sunglasses

Adidas Eyewear - Adilibria shield Sunglasses - Shiny Black (a382 S), Size: Small (Code: 251204-2) DKK842.00  Inc. VAT





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  • Compromising on nothing there’s 4 reasons that make the adidas eyewear range not just a sport accessory but a true performance product; the Vision, Fit, Protection and Durability concepts.



    8 base Decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens
    Precise decentering of the optical centre results in distortion free vision and permits the use of strongly curved filters that optimally envelop the eye.

    RX Optical Adapter
    Perfect solution for people who need optical correction! Simply replace the polycarbonate lenses of the frame with the RX 

    Optical Adapter. 
    The RX Optical Adapter is also easily removed/reattached when required.

    Performance Insert™
    Ideal for those needing optical correction. The Performance Insert™ is also easily removed/reattached when required.

    Double-Snap Nose Pads™
    For perfect fitting and protection / extended nose version available.

    SPX™/Flex Zones™
    SPX™ is an extra-light, breakproof material. Flex Zones™ provide an extremely comfortable fit.











    Vision Advantage PC Lens™
    The lightweight Polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection, have strong resistance to impact forces and are of an optical quality 1 level.

    Quick-Change Lens System™
    Simple, fast but sturdy lens changing feature enabling wearer to adapt eyewear to all lighting and weather conditions.

    Quick-Release Hinge™
    This patented release mechanism for the temple hinges free the frame from possible strain or breakage. Temples easily reinserted.