TaylorMade 2022 STEALTH Carbon Woods and Irons

TaylorMade Stealth Carbon Woods

TaylorMade have launched the Stealth series, a set of golf clubs that features new innovations in the golf industry, upgrades on already adored and proven technologies, and a key focus on providing golfers with incredible power and accuracy. 

The Drivers that are on offer in the Stealth series have been designed with the key focus of generating as much power as possible from each drive, while still offering plenty of forgiveness per shot. This has been made possible by using the new 60X Carbon Twist Face technology. 

This technology uses sixty layers of carbon fibre and pairs it with TaylorMade’s famous Twist Face design. The sixty layers of carbon fibre has been strategically designed to optimise energy transfer to deliver fast ball speeds over a larger area, resulting in optimal distance and forgiveness. 

The use of carbon fibre has allowed TaylorMade to create a set of drivers that are 44% lighter than those using titanium. This weight saving has meant that the size of the face has been able to be increased which means that there is a much larger surface area to ensure better contact with the golf ball, resulting in increased distance, ball speed and forgiveness. 

The Fairway Wood and Rescue in this series features TaylorMades new 3D Carbon Crown design. This construct allows for weight to be pulled away from the high toe area meaning that more of the weight is positioned at the back of the club, allowing for optimal forgiveness and maximum playability. 

TaylorMade have also made sure that their Carbon woods feature their Speed Pocket™ Technology which increases the distance that players can generate on their shots by being designed to maximise ball speeds. But this technology is especially useful for golfers who may often strike the golf ball lower on the face, as it provides additional forgiveness. 

The Irons in this series use an upgraded version of the Cap Back™ Design, a tie wrapping construction which increases the distance, forgiveness and feel benefits from what the original design was able to produce. This new engineering technique has shifted weight from the extreme high toe of the club, and moved it to the sole. This weight movement has created an extremely low centre of gravity which has helped TaylorMade create irons that are easy to launch with brilliant trajectory throughout the set. 

Along with the Cap Back™ Design, the irons also include the ECHO® Damping System which is located behind the entire face. This system uses a soft polymer blend and multiple contact points to reduce harsh vibrations, predominantly felt on distance shots, allowing for the energy to be absorbed and dispersed without affecting the movement in the face, reading a forged-loke feel.