Ping G425 LST Golf Fairway Wood

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Ping G425 LST Golf Fairway Wood

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Ping G425 LST Golf Fairway Wood

The Ping G425 Collection has been manufactured to provide lower scores in every aspect of your game. The Collection features several different options, so however you play, whatever skill level you are at, there will be a suitable Golf Club for you.  

In all G425 Fairways and Hybrids, Ping utilise their innovations known as Facewrap and Spinsistency, which add distance and speed. 

The Ping G425 LST Golf Fairway Wood features a small head and utilises tungsten weight to re-position the CG, reducing spin with a flatter, lower-launch trajectory.


Thinner, high-strength steel wraps into the crow and sole which increases flex for faster speeds, resulting in greater distance. 


A curved face alters the roll profile, mainly low on the face where loft decreases, and this brings a more consistent sin performance and increases ball speeds, allowing for added distance. 


Ping has strategically positioned a high-density tungsten sole weight to increase the MOI for added forgiveness. 


The Trajectory Tuning 2.0 uses a lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve, and this provides eight positions to customise your trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy. An easy-to-use adjustability system. 

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