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The Ping ChipR Golf Chipper

To make sure that when you are facing a tricky chip shot from the bunker or the fairway that you have a Ping Wedge that offers all the confidence you will ever need, the Ping ChipR has been created to do just that.

The Ping ChipR wedge allows golfers to easily launch their golf ball up and onto the greens while also offering improved performance by removing the fear of chunking or blading shots so that a round-winning putt can be set up perfectly.

Ping has designed this Chipping Wedge for golfers who are looking to play their ball perfectly onto the greens when at a range of 40 yards from either rough or fringes. The design choice that has been made when creating this club allows golfers to create similar predictability and memory on their golf swing that is similar to a putting stroke.

Using a club that offers the same consistent performance on every shot allows golfers to become much more comfortable playing from the fringes or the rough so that they can then learn to play with greater control to adjust the power needed for added distance while still maintaining the same consistent form.

To make sure that when you are using this golf club you are always able to create smooth and consistent shots from the rough without the possibility of feeling the club digging into the turf, a cambered sole has been used. This sole design allows for greater interaction with the turf to reduce the amount of friction that could be created and may lead to a turf gripping the club and transferring power into the grounds rather than the ball.

The Ping ChipR Golf Chipper

A shallow face height that is roughly between the size of a putter’s clubface and a normal wedge has been added to make sure that while playing a widely considered tricky shot, players can create much more reliable contact with the ball and so create greater results when setting up a perfect putt.

This golf club has been designed to feature precision-milled MicroMax grooves on the club face that have been placed closer together to allow for further grooves to be added. This larger number of grooves allows for increased contact when striking the golf ball to maintain spin for greater ball loft and flight while also offering greater control on every chip too.

Ping has used a lightweight shaft for this golf club that includes a lower balance point to allow for more feel on each shot, while a 360 Dyla-wedge Lite grip, which is ¾-inch longer than a traditional grip and features a reduced taper, has also been included so that golfers can create more versatility to their shots and use more trajectory control.

This is the perfect golf club for any golfer who may struggle with chipping towards the green and needs help being able to correctly make approach shots to set up scoring putts. To find out more, please click here.

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