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Featuring the NEW Yonex Ezone GT and Ezone Elite-2 Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids. Available in both Men's and Ladies.


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Why Buy Yonex Golf Woods?
In our opinion, when looking at a new driver or hybrid Yonex Golf must be taken into consideration. The physical compenents used to make their woods are viewed by us as second to none!

Distance and accuracy, it's all about the shaft! Dont think of the shaft as being the part that holds the head of the club and grip together. This is the engine of the club and the component most likely to add distance to your game. Think of a top of the range sports car with a poor quality, weak engine, it will look great but under perform. The same applies to drivers, fairways and hybrids.

Put a weak shaft in a wood and the ball will go nowhere near as far and straight as it potentially could.

Yonex Golf are one of the worlds leading graphite shaft manufacturers and produce their own golf shafts in their factory in Japan. Yonex are the only golf club manufacturer that make their own shafts. The percentage of pure graphite used to make their shafts is around 90% compared to other brands where this figure is more likely to be around 65%. This results in a shaft that gives you more power & consistency resulting in greater distance and accuracy.

Over the many years Yonex's revolutionary designs in shafts, including Ultimum TI (threads of titanium wound into the graphite at the tip), Nanospeed technology & the lightest, purest graphite shafts on the market make Yonex one of the worlds leading graphite shaft manufacturers and help their products to outperform the rivals on launch monitors and on course.

Graphite shafted woods are not for me?
It is a common view that graphite shafts are designed for use by seniors and ladys.

Graphite, it's to whippy for me!!
I am sure we have all had a golfing buddy say that to us at one time or another. However, graphite has a higher tensile strength than steel shafts do these days and is as accurate and as strong as its steel rival for the amateur golfer. It's light weight and ability to add power at impact can add yards to your game. You dont see many steel shafted drivers these days, that is because graphite is a distance material. So why not have graphite in your woods? It could add distance!

The ultimate aim of all golfers is to hit the ball further and straighter and control the ball round the golf course, thus resulting in lower scoring and more enjoyment. So, if you are looking at purchasing some new equipment or want to achieve lower scores think Yonex.

You will not regret giving Yonex Woods a try and it may well suprise you as to how much distance you gain.