Ping G400 Crossover

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Ping G400 Crossover

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Ping G400 Crossover

PING’s proprietary counter-balance design allows for more mass in the head to increase energy transfer. Color-Shift Paint Technology means the vibrant copper shaft paint transitions to nearly black as you address the ball to eliminate distraction.

With a focus on increasing forgiveness, PING have incorporated a number of technological advancements into the G400 Crossover to complement the 20-gram tungsten toe weight, providing iron-style control and hybrid-like distance. The club takes the reins of the original G Crossover and adds a new level of versatility. Its precision and control are unmatched, with a more consistent turf interaction being created from thinning the sole by reducing bounce and camber. This second generation sees a higher max height, faster ball speeds and straight ball flights.

Features of Ping G400 Crossover;

  • Friction is reduced by 40% thanks to a premium, Hydropearl Chrome finish
  • Sets up square and is easy to align
  • Maraging C300 steel face
  • 45% less shot bend and 40% more spin are the result of a forward CG placement
  • Iron-like efficiency is witnessed from the club’s flatter face and straight, stable trajectories
  • Unlike a hybrid club’s face (typically curved toe to heel and top to bottom), players will find it easier to hit draws and fades thanks to the flat, iron-like face of the G400 Crossover
  • Faster ball speeds and higher launch
  • 30% more stopping power
  • 17% tighter dispersion is achieved by means of a tungsten toe weight
  • Toe weight offsets the hosel’s weight to pull the sweetspot into the hitting area’s centre
  • Upgraded acoustics provide a clean, confidence-building sound
  • Comes standard with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip

Alta CB Shaft

Increased energy transfer comes from more mass in the head, and is made possible by PING’s proprietary counter-balance design. The Alta CB shaft comes in an attractive copper colour that, when you place the club down at address, seems to “transform” into black. This “Colour-Shift Paint Technology” eliminates distraction while giving the club a stunning appearance to onlookers.

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