Cobra King Ladies F7 Hybrid - Black / Blue

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Cobra King Ladies F7 Hybrid - Black / Blue

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Cobra King F7 Hybrid - Black / Blue

Cobra’s F7 is evidence that the company noticed skilled golfers being attracted to the F6 Baffler, a highly-underrated offering that was more of a niche product than it was commercial. The F6 Baffler played between a hybrid and a fairway wood, and was aimed at providing Rickie Fowler with a higher launching club that would hold Augusta’s 15th green. Now, Cobra has made this technology available as part of its mainstream, F7 Women’s hybrid offering. These rails help the club glide through ideal conditions without digging, and help the club navigate through less than ideal (or even horrendous) turf conditions while achieving optimal impact with the ball. (This has a potential benefit of a 2.3 MPH faster exit from the hitting area, and 3 to 4 MPH in ball speed.)

Mastering the game of golf requires more than keen analytical skills on the course; knowing how to select the right equipment and technology to match your strategy is equally important. is providing golfers the latest in innovative designs from Cobra’s think tank. Introducing the King F7 Women’s Hybrid, Cobra’s first ladies’ hybrid with rails technology. This club is partially the result of a tested theory stemming from the observations Cobra made when pro Rickie Fowler added rails to the soles to his 5-wood. While this tactic originally premiered in the 70s, many requests have recently poured into the manufacturer that they integrate a similar technology with the new range. In short, the rails concept supports the notion that the club will experience reduced friction with the ground, enabling it to skip through the turf more easily – ultimately resulting in the club maintaining a straighter posture during swings through longer grass.


Notable Features:

·         The groove lines on the hybrid appear in a circular pattern (the fairway’s lines appear on either side of the ball)

·         Cobra’s now standard MyFly8 with Smart Pad technology

·         Baffler Dual Rail System with Progressive Rail Design for more forgiveness from any lie

·         Left and right hand availability

·         Silver and pink, or black and blue colour options


Available from the UK’s trusted provider of the game’s latest technology, Purchase Cobra King F7 Women’s Hybrid in Black/Blue and enjoy reliable and fast delivery.

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