Titleist Tour Series Premium StaDry Staff Stand Bag

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Titleist Tour Series Premium StaDry Staff Stand Bag

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Titleist Tour Series Premium StaDry Staff Stand Bag

The Titleist Tour Series Premium StaDry Staff Stand Bag has been created to allow golfers to experience a golf bag that features practical designs that have been inspired by what golfers on Tour wanted so that players can have a golf bag that focuses on convenience and practicality. 

Titleist has used the technology which has been perfected by golf bags in the StaDry series to create a waterproof golf bag that includes seam-sealed zippers to ensure that there is little risk of rainwater being able to breach the material and cause any potential damage. This waterproof golf bag allows golfers to continue playing in wetter weather conditions on the golf course while having the confidence that their personal items and dry and protected. 

To make sure that golfers are able to store the golf clubs in a much more organised way so that it is easier to get to the club that is needed, Titleist has included a four-way top in the design of this golf bag which also features full-length dividers. The full-length dividers used in this golf bag also help to keep the shafts of each golf club protected by reducing the amount of knocking that is created while being carried around in a golf bag. 

Even though Titleist has managed to make this golf stand bag incredibly lightweight at only 2.9KG,  Titleist has still been able to include seven pockets in the design of this golf bag so that you have more than enough room to bring everything you need to play a great round of golf.

This golf stand bag also provides a full-length apparel pocket that is perfect for storing clothing items such as golfing waterproofs or golf sweaters to be worn during cooler days on the golf course.  With all these pockets you will never have to worry about what you can and can’t bring onto the golf course with this golf bag.

Titleist has created this Tour golf bag using premium materials so that players can use a luxurious stand bag that is perfect for players who want to experience quality. With features like the leather wrapped lift handle and the premium quilted hip pad, you can experience a golf bag that not only looks great but has been made to feel great too. 


  • Waterproof construction with seam-sealed zippers
  • Premium materials and quilted highlights
  • Titleist proprietary tooling
  • Premium double strap
  • Upgraded clips and hardware
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