Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch and Game Tracker

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Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch and Game Tracker

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Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch and Game Tracker

The World's Smartest Golf Watch

Driving Improvement Through Data

Automatically track your game to discover new strengths, innovative ways to tackle your weaknesses and a wealth of knowledge to update and improve your game. Whether on mobile or dashboard, access over 100 Tour-level insights into your Clubs, Approaches, Short Game, Tee Shots and Putting. As well as seeing every shot plotted onto an aerial view of the course. Better technology, better statistics, better results.


Compare the distances and usage of an unlimited number of clubs completely automatically – no tagging and no phones required. Make sure you know the distance a good shot should go with Shot Scope’s Performance Average, carefully calculated to remove outliers and improve accuracy. Flexible, unobtrusive and meticulous data collection for uncompromising results.

Tee Shots

Visualize and account for every tee shot, plotted onto an interactive Fairway Accuracy graph. Gain an understanding of how Tee Shot Accuracy impacts your scoring and how you can improve it. Click through to relive every shot on an aerial map of the course. Play, track and improve with intelligent, insightful and interactive data presentation.


Get your approach shots on target with our distance indicator graph, showing all shots, a breakdown quadrant view and Red Zone which shows percentage of approaches hit within 15ft. Understand the impact of lie-type on your green success and use the Breakdown tab to understand your green misses. An informed approach is a winning Approach.

Short Game

Removing Shot Game stats from club averages provides enhanced accuracy in tracking performance. Discover which clubs really save you shots around the green to inform club selection. In the Red Zone, understand which clubs actively help you get up and down. Data driven decisions for tangible improvement.


Our detailed industry-leading putting stats are informed with the use of unique PinCollect technology. Collecting the exact pin location produces meaningful stats on which to base and gauge improvement. Use our ‘Never up, Never in’ feature to establish the percentage of times you are shots versus long and your average proximity to hole to make sure lag putts aren’t costing you shots. For the first time, your putting stats are accurate and actionable.

Dynamic Yardages

Database of 40,000 courses, each with detailed mapping of individual features, allows Shot Scope to provide superior distance calculations. Based on real-time location and angle of approach, distances update with every adjustment of the golfer’s position.

Dynamic Yardages give you the true, current and accurate yardage for every green. Also available in meters.

  • Forever free firmware updates
  • Play on any course, worldwide, with no subscriptions
  • Automatic data collection provides Tour-level performance analysis with zero effort and maximum impact on your game
  • Uses the highest grade Smart GPS chip on the commercial market
  • The #1 golf improvement tool for on and off course game management
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf
  • Dynamic Yardages to the F/M/B of the green
  • Distances in yards or meters
  • Fully automated data collection
  • 20 tags enable automatic club recognition
  • Over 100 Tour-level statistics
  • Analytics platforms for iOS, Android and desktop
  • Interactive Performance Dashboard
  • Industry-leading putting statistics
  • Performance Average gives you feedback once outliers have been removed, increasing accuracy
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