Mizuno Golf Wedges at Golfgeardirect.co.uk

Legendary golf club manufacturer, Mizuno, have given the golf world something truly unique and exceptional - the first forged wedges. All other leading manufacturers have traditionally produced cast iron wedges. These Mizuno Golf Wedges are as played by the master, Luke Donald. Perhaps, they will prove successful for your game as well. This grain flow forging process has been perfected by Mizuno for nearly a century, providing unrivalled feel, feedback and consistency across their range of other clubs.

Players can now experience this professional level of control when mastering their approach shots. We recommend taking a look at the new T20 and S18 Chrome Wedges from our inventory at Golfgeardirect.co.uk, for a remarkable club enhanced by an infusion of Boron. Purchase your next golf wedges today for guaranteed low rates and fast delivery, now with our unique FREE Wedge Stamping Service on the S18 and T20


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