Cleveland RTX Zipcore Golf Wedge - Satin

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Cleveland RTX ZipCore Golf Wedge - Black Satin
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Cleveland RTX Zipcore Golf Wedge - Satin
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Cleveland RTX Zipcore Golf Wedge - Satin

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Cleveland RTX Zipcore Golf Wedge - Satin

Cleveland Golf's Satin RTX Zipcore Golf Wedge by Cleveland is the best Golf Wedge Cleveland has ever manufactured. The RTX ZipCore is both radically new and ultra-familiar. The Wedge features a new core design, using ZipCore Technology. But even with all the new features and technology, the RTX ZipCore wedge maintains a traditional design that inspires confidence. 



The ZipCore technology is unique, with a low density and it sits at the heart of this Wedge. ZipCore shifts the Center of Gravity whilst increasing MOI which adds spin, enhances control and adds consistency to your game. 


This new heat treatment helps make this Wedge more durable. It will ensure you love your wedge round after round. 


Cleveland have incorporated sharper, deeper and narrower grooves within the RTX ZipCore Wedge. This has been done to make them bite harder, channel more debris and add more groove contact on every shot. 

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