Cleveland CBX Zipcore Golf Wedge

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Cleveland CBX Zipcore Golf Wedge
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Cleveland CBX Zipcore Golf Wedge

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Cleveland CBX Zipcore Golf Wedge 

Cleveland Golf has created the CBX ZipCore Golf Wedge so that golfers can experience a golf club that allows for a better connection with the golf ball around the greens to create greater shots with cleaner strokes. 

The design of the clubhead on this golf club uses a hollow cavity construction which provides a much more balanced feel when playing because of the space that is created between the weighting in both the toe and heel of the club. To go along with this clubhead design a lightweight, low-density cire has been used to reduce the amount of vibration created while also adjusting the centre of gravity of the club to provide golfers with a much more forgiving golf club. 

A new dynamic sole has been used in the design of this golf wedge to allow for greater interaction with the turf or sand for easier shots around the greens. This has been paired with a Gelback TPU insert that allows golfers to experience smoother and much more fluid golf swings by absorbing vibration, even on miss-hits, to create a greater feeling when playing a shot. 

Cleveland Golf has designed this golf wedge to offer the maximum amount of ball spin around the greens. This has been achieved by using a Spinner Shaft that allows for much more spin to be created easily, while a new face design has also been used to enhance this performance. By using UltiZip Grooves this golf club provides much sharper and deeper grooves which have been moved closer together to create greater contact with the golf ball. The extra space that has been created has allowed for two additional grooves to the face to maximise the amount of contact with the golf ball and create much more greenside spin.

The CBX Zipcore also offers a Pitching Wedge which has been created with a 44-degree clubhead to provide golfers with all the stopping power they will need on the greens. 



A lightweight, low-density core sits at the heart of the club. While reducing vibrations and perfecting the centre of gravity, it also boosts MOI for improved forgiveness on every shot.

Hollow Cavity Design

Weight in the toe with a hollow chamber near the heel makes a better, more balanced Wedge that’s forgiving no matter where you strike the face.

UltiZip Grooves

Sharper, deeper, and closer together, UltiZip Grooves are more efficient at channelling debris and maximizing spin. Plus, there are two extra grooves per face for more groove contact across the board.

Spinner Shafts

Specially designed to enhance spin, Spinner shafts in steel and graphite are Wedge-specific components that give you an edge around the greens.

Dynamic Sole

With V-, C-, and S-Shaped soles, CBX ZipCore has all the performance you’ll need greenside. But don’t sweat the choices, we made sole grinds easy. The Dynamic Sole changes by Wedge loft, so you’ll automatically have the performance you need when you need it.


A soft, vibration-absorbing TPU insert improves the feel so even miss-hits are buttery smooth.

44 Degree Wedge

If your set-matching Pitching Wedge holds you back, a 44 degree CBX ZipCore makes the perfect replacement. Playing a Pitching Wedge with state-of-the-art Wedge tech gets all the stopping power you deserve.

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