Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons

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Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons

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Mizuno MP-18 SC, The Player’s Cavity Back

Returning to the core principles and design techniques that made them famous, Mizuno heavily leveraged the expertise of its master craftsmen to forge these irons into a superior shape, which was then scanned into the computer to incorporate modern production processes. Experienced players will find the precision craftsmanship of the Mizuno MP-18 SC (Split Cavity) Irons to be irresistible.

The influence of years of work with major winners, such as Nick Faldo, is immediately evident upon first examination of the clubs. Built with blending in mind, the manufacturer has designed the offsets and lofts to be adjustable to match practically any set configuration within the range.

This compact cavity back offers a greater degree of forgiveness and playability than its MP-18 muscleback counterpart. The cambered sole is slightly wider, and provides an 11% larger sweetspot. Its thicker top line, peripheral weighting around the edge of the head, and longer blade length will prove useful to category 1, single-figure handicap players who want the accuracy of the MP-18, but in a notably more forgiving variant. Although it includes a split cavity and weight, the compact top line and narrow sole still create the appearance of a proper blade. Feedback is crisp and precise, thanks to the evolved GFF HD (Grain Flow Forged HD) process Mizuno is best known for, creating a tighter concentration of grain within the billets.

The design of the Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron is a nod to seasoned golfers who appreciate traditional feel, looks and style, and who have the ball striking consistency to maximise this calibre of club. New technologies propel this classic design into a new sphere, enabling players to work the ball creatively and demonstrate their skills on the course. As such, the MP-18 SC model is more than a sophisticated club, it’s a showpiece.

Notable Features of the Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron:

  • Simple, clean blade that is a single piece of forged perfection
  • A continuation of Mizuno’s long-standing heritage of craftsmanship
  • Sharp and solid feel with more playability and forgiveness
  • KBS Tour steel shafts standard
  • Available in 3-PW
  • Smaller wedges
  • Short head lengths
  • 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel clubhead
  • Heads are 0.5mm taller (compared to MP-18)
  • Thin, tapered, cambered top lines (1mm thicker than MP-18)

Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer at Mizuno said, “The MP-18 SC is an iron that combines a lot of practical needs – stability, workability and softness at impact – with our craftsmen’s desire for immaculate looks over the ball… Although the sole is a little wider than the muscle-back, from every playing position, the two models blend beautifully as a mixed set. The MP-18 SC wedges don’t taper off as dramatically in size as the muscle-back, so between the two models, better players will find something that suits their eye.”

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