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What's The Best Golf Trolley For You - Push Trolley

Transporting a full set of golf clubs throughout a demanding 18-hole round can often lead to exhaustion and negatively impact your overall performance. Fortunately, golf trolleys offer a convenient solution to effortlessly move your golf clubs from one point to another.

In recent years, the demand for golf trolleys has surged, partly attributed to the increased interest in golf since the onset of the Covid pandemic. However, this isn't solely due to the rising number of golfers but also because modern golf trolleys are engineered for ease of use and have become significantly lighter in weight.

In the past, golfers often struggled with push trolleys that were challenging to unfold before hitting the golf course. Once on the course, these trolleys were often clunky and difficult to maneuver, turning what should be a pleasant round into a cumbersome experience.

Contemporary push golf trolleys have been meticulously designed with the golfer's convenience in mind. They feature rapid and user-friendly folding systems that typically require just a button press. These trolleys boast lightweight frames that make navigating the golf course a breeze, all while remaining budget-friendly.

Opting for a push golf trolley instead of an electric counterpart is not only cost-effective due to the absence of electric components but also provides golfers with straightforward designs ideal for those who want a hassle-free round on the golf course.

What's The Best Golf Trolley For You - Push Trolley

If you are looking to purchase a manual push golf trolley here are a few of the best on the market today offering key design features enabling golfers to get out onto the course and play a great round of golf.

Best Golf Push Trolleys
Motocaddy Cube Push Golf Trolley
Motocaddy Cube Push Golf Trolley
Motocaddy Cube Push Golf Trolley

The Motocaddy Cube push golf trolley is one of the most popular options on the market today because of the lightweight design that makes it so much easier to walk a golf course without having to fight the trolley to go in the direction you want. This golf trolley also boasts the ability to be folded down to be incredibly compact for much easier storage after a round of golf.

The two-step folding system that this golf trolley uses allows golfers to quickly get everything set up to go out and play, while the oversized wheels that have also been included offer a much smoother and easy ride around the course so that you can glide to the next hole.

PowaKaddy MICRA Push Golf Trolley
PowaKaddy MICRA Push Golf Trolley

PowaKaddy has designed the MICRA push golf trolley to not only look great, take some inspiration from the electric golf trolley designs, but also provide incredible compact storage.

Much like Motocaddy, PowaKaddy has also prioritised how easily it should be for a golfer to set up their push cart before heading out onto the golf course. With a two-click folding mechanism golfers really have to use minimal effort when assembling this golf trolley, and when it is all set up it handles beautifully with an ability to tackle the fairway and roughs with ease.

Big Max Blade Quattro Golf Trolley
Big Max Blade Quattro Golf Trolley

The four-wheeled golf trolley on this list is a Big Max Golf Trolley that offers incredible stability on any golf course to ensure that even on steeper hillsides your golf clubs won't be toppling over anytime soon.

The four-wheel design of this Big Max push trolley provides golfers with the confidence that whatever golf bag they decide to place on this cart that there is little risk of anything becoming loose or slipping off the trolley. The trolley also includes an adjustable bag bracket and attachment system that can easily hold your golf bag in place.

For a golf trolley that when assembled looks quite chunky and sturdy, it has been designed to be incredibly lightweight at only 6.5kg so that you can quickly get from one hole to the next with amazing stability and ease. Another feature that the four-wheeled golf trolley is hiding is the fact that it has been designed using flat fold technology, allowing for this trolley to be folded down quickly and into a remarkably compact shape that is ridiculously small and easy to store.

Clicgear 4.0 Golf Trolley
Clicgear 4.0 Golf Trolley

The Clicgear 4.0 golf trolley is one of the most popular options from Cligear because of the incredible stability and adjustable golf bag storage that is included, but also the additional storage space that makes it easier to get to everything you need without having to rummage around in your golf bag.

Clicgear has redesigned this golf trolley to use a new adjustable upper and lower saddle so that golfers can choose between having the maximum amount of stability while on the move as well as being able to raise the upper for a number of golf stand bags to be placed on this trolley without any issue.

Wishbone ZERO Ultralight Deluxe 3-Wheel Push Golf Cart
Wishbone ZERO Ultralight Deluxe 3-Wheel Push Golf Cart

One of the best value for money golf trolleys on the market today that offers golfers an incredibly simplistic yet modern design that is amazingly lightweight is the Wishbone Zero golf trolley.

The design of this golf trolley has ensured that golfers will be able to easily walk any golf course they want with the ridiculously lightweight 4.3kg design. And the simplistic design that this trolley includes is perfect for golfers who don't care about added features, storage space or add-ons such as an umbrella holder, they just want to be able to get out onto the golf course and play a great round.

Because of the incredibly economical design of this trolley golfers are able to get a stable and incredibly easy to use golf cart for an amazingly low price, meaning that the money left over can be used on other golf equipment and accessories.


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