Big Max Golf Bags

Big Max Bag Warranty (3 Years)

Get an extended 3 year warranty with Big Max Bags here!

Big Max Golf Bags are the number 1 selling quality golf bags in Continental Europe and they are set to become the same in the UK as they build their brand over the next few years.

Made from the finest materials with attention to detail the quality of Big Max Golf Products is second to none. Offering 100% Waterproof Golf Bags at incredibly competitive prices and their Water Resistant range to suit all budgets Big Max really do have the perfect golf bag for all golfers.

Experience the best, experience Big Max

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Big Max Golf Bags

BIG MAX is Europe`s trolley manufacturer number 1 and was founded 1994. BIG MAX is a strong brand name, that now conquers the global markets. After pioneering 3-wheel trolleys there are plenty of additional great achievements:

  • The breakthrough of push trolleys in Europe is directly connected to the best selling ever 3-wheel trolley Ti 1000
  • The smallest Push Trolley worldwide BIG MAX IQ
  • The smallest Electric-Trolley and winner of the Golf Europe Product Award BIG MAX Nano
  • Fastest folding ultra-compact trolley BIG MAX Smart

The most important premises of BIG MAX are quality, innovation and function of all products. The quality of products has been improved every year and this gives us the confidence to offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years for BIG MAX Push- und Pull Trolleys.