TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

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TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

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TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

The legendary golf club manufacturer looks to expand their empire and dominate the premium golf ball market.

TaylorMade is taking square aim at the number one selling Titleist Pro V1 with a revolutionary golf ball design that has been 10 years in the making. The TaylorMade TP5 golf balls utilise 5-layer technology to behave differently with every club in your bag, maximising the performance benefits of each. The company’s philosophy with these new premium golf balls is to create a complete tee-to-green solution that allows players to become intimately familiar with their ball, rather than having to swap between them based on circumstance.

Players familiar with the previous Tour Preferred balls will find the 2017 offering to be an easy transition, while holding noticeable differences in playability and versatility around the course.

Tee Shot

  • Optimised speed
  • Reduced spin
  • Ball stays on its intended line


  • Improved transfer of energy
  • Increased distance and ball speed
  • More efficient and direct trajectory to peak height
  • Ball sticks to face, removing spin, launching higher and landing true
  • Lands steeper and rolls out less

Greenside and Short Game

  • Better control and response
  • Proper spin across more shot types
  • Soft outer cover (cast urethane) pushes into wedge grooves

5-Layer Construction (83 total compression)

TaylorMade’s director of golf ball research and development, Eric Loper, believes having multiple materials and layers hold significant advantages over dual or single-core balls.

Loper states, “We’ve made the core larger... But what we’ve also done is we’ve reformulated the layers so that they’re building up that compression and packing the speed back on. But they’re softer so we have a larger core, softer materials that are just as resilient as they were before.” As with the previous Tour Preferred golf balls, the 2017 versions (TP5 and TP5x) feature the same 5 layers of advanced technology, but considerable effort has gone into the development of the inner 3 layers of the new balls. Various compression levels between the layers create the notable and consistent behavioural differences with clubs through sections of the bag. With varying compressions and materials in each layer, TP5 doesn’t compromise spin or distance while delivering a complete solution. These balls also exhibit a slightly lower launch angle than the TP5x.

Tri-Fast Core

  • Extremely low compression (16 in TP5)
  • Outer core is progressively stiffer (24 in TP5)
  • Mantle layer is stiffer (44 in TP5)
  • Combines with the firm, semi-rigid inner cover and cast urethane outer cover (remaining two layers)


  • Durable and dependable
  • For lining-up putts, the visible seam remains relative to the logo
  • Stable in the wind for holding the ball’s line
  • Pushes into grooves for more grip

Purchase the all-new TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls now from your trusted source for over 20 years, Golfgeardirect.co.uk.

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