The real start of the influx of American brands in the 1970's was Lynx Golf. Now under new British Ownership they are back! 

Since our inception in 1971, Lynx has consistently outfitted golfers with exceptional equipment. Over the years we have worked long and hard to perfect our craft and change the way golf is played. We have enjoyed a brief hiatus, during which time we sunbathed, drank sangria, went skinny-dipping – and created the most technologically advanced golf club ever made. So now, armed with our exceptional range of clubs, we are back. We have never forgotten our core belief – that first and foremost, golf is played for fun.

This drives our commitment to you, the player. To enhance the experience for each and every one of you out there on the course, whatever your handicap. We place our customers at the very heart of our business, wholeheartedly embracing and welcoming collaboration, feedback and ideas. Lynx remains a family owned business, a close knit team proud to continue building on our reputation and heritage as one of golf’s premier manufacturers of equipment, still committed to delivering the ultimate in technology, desirability, innovation and style.