Powakaddy FW7s Electric Golf Trolley 2017 - Carbon

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Powakaddy FW7s Electric Golf Trolley 2017 - Carbon

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 PowaKaddy FW7s 2017 Electric Golf Trolley - Carbon

The top-of-the-range offering from PowaKaddy for 2017, the all-new FW7s Electric Golf Trolley – Carbon is built to impress the most demanding players, and is loaded with features that make it an absolute must-buy.

Withstands the Test of Time

PowaKaddy manufactures golf technology that lasts. From their impressive golf stand bags, to their infamous electric golf trolleys, everything they produce is built to provide years of use under any conditions.

• Lasting safety provided by the anti-tamper security pin lock

• Battery (lithium) comes with a *5-year full warranty

• PowaKaddy have extended the warranty on the trolley to a generous 3 years of coverage, as they are confident in the superior performance and reliability of the FW7s model

• With longer lifespan, staying power, and stronger capability, PowaKaddy’s lithium batteries use the latest in re-engineered lithium-ion technology

• Lightweight, yet robust and durable, the PowaFrame chassis delivers years of dependable performance

Notable Capabilities

PowaKaddy FW7s 2017 Electric Golf Trolley – Carbon not only covers the golf course with a powerful, near-silent motor, it is also equipped with numerous features that make it stand out amongst the competition.

• Whisper-quiet, 230w motor with high-finish aluminium casing is extremely powerful

• High levels of performance are delivered, every time, by the low-profile chassis

• Fully integrated USB charging port

• Features “Competition Mode”

• Programmatically send the trolley ahead to the next hole with your golf accessories using ADF (Automatic Distance Function) 

• 3.5” widescreen colour display

• Equipped with “Speed Display”

• Keep an eye on your health with the included calorie counter

• Trolley provides accurate distance measurement capabilities

To date, PowaKaddy electric golf trolleys are the only on the market to hold the distinction of Quiet Mark accreditation. This award approval programme, which is associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation, acknowledges companies who are paving the way with devices designed to reduce noise pollution.

Made for Simplicity

Remaining focused on the course means having the right gear and spending as little time as possible shifting your attention away from the hole. FW7s aims to make your rounds easier and more convenient, by incorporating intelligent engineering with simple controls.

• Compact 3-fold system is very simple and easy to operate

• Features an innovative Plug ‘n’ Play lithium battery system 

• Convenient battery fuel indicator allows you to keep an eye on your usage 

• Offers a digital power gauge, clock, and Power on/off indicator 

• Simple Pause, Resume, and Power function 

• Equipped with front wheel tracking adjustment 

• Ambidextrous grip is soft touch and inlaid with control/function buttons

• Bungee straps feature anti-pinch handles

Refined and Sleek Style

The 2017 FW7s Electric Trolley Carbon is not only stunning to look at, it is engineered to provide maximum support and motorised power in a compact and slim body. It features attractive trim and graphics, custom tyres, and more.

• Aluminium casing and high finish on the motor

• New rear diffuser, with graphics and enhanced trims

• Features the thinnest 18-hole lithium battery available 

• Compact when folded: 385mm (H) x 860mm (W) x 570mm D

• Unfolded size: 955mm (H) x 1285mm (W) x 570mm (D)

• Wheelbase measures 570mm

• Low-profile and sturdy Premium Sports Wheels with spokes 

• With stylish tube graphics, the low-profile alloy frame has a refined appearance, but carries substantial loads


To make the most of this electric golf trolley’s cutting-edge technology and high-tech motor, PowaKaddy have taken the time to ensure ample weight savings on the chassis and components involved.

• Lithium batteries: 2kg (18-hole), 2.8kg (36-hole XL) 

• Lead-acid battery: 7.5kg

• The FW7s (trolley only) weighs only 9.4kg

• Extremely lightweight PowaFrame

Buy PowaKaddy Golf Trolley’s Online Now

We are proud to carry the PowaKaddy FW7s 2017 Electric Golf Trolley – Carbon as part of our extensive selection of PowaKaddy products. Purchase today from Golfgeardirect.co.uk, your authorised internet retailer.

Cross Border Sales

PowaKaddy has an exclusive distributor that looks after the sales they have made in each of their franchised countries. This means that Warranties on products sold in one country are not transferable to another country because such contracts follow business‑to‑business transactions.


Retailers, especially online retailers, are therefore expected to make it clear that “out-of-country” sales only carry a “back-to-retailer” warranty. So, for example, a product purchased from the UK and shipped to the Ukraine will not be repaired under warranty in the Ukraine.  It will have to be shipped back to the UK before being considered for warranty repair in the UK. PowaKaddy will not pay for this shipping because it is a breach of contract with their distributor.  So consumers and sellers need to bear this in mind.


International regulations governing the transportation of lithium batteries mean that lithium batteries can only be handled by specialist carriers.  Furthermore, these regulations also preclude these carriers from transporting potentially “faulty” or “failed” lithium batteries.  Owners of companies in breach of these regulations are personally liable for breaches, as Amazon has recently found.  This effectively means that buying a lithium battery from another country completely defeats the offered warranty in the other country because it cannot be invoked.


The PowaKaddy website will therefore not allow registration of out-of-country warranty purchases.


Buyers and sellers, please be aware.


Further information in respect of these statutory rights can be obtained from your local Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

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