Odyssey Flip Face Putters

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    The new Flip Face Putters are an adjustable masterpiece of engineering unlike anything else in golf. Golfers now have the ability to own two putters in one, with one side of the face featuring the new Metal-X Insert and the other side featuring the White Ice insert. The different inserts allow you to customize your putter to the conditions of the course by giving you great feel differential, ball speed differential and roll differential all in one putter.

  • Flip Face Technology
    Allows golfers to change the face insert on their putter quickly and easily to fine-tune feel and performance.
  • Metal-X™ Insert
    Dual layered insert designed to put a consistent, true roll on the ball with amazing feedback and feel The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depressions maximize the mechanical lock with the golf ball dimples to increase friction and impart proper launch of the golf ball, which in turn creates a much more controlled and consistent roll The Urethane inner layer provides soft touch and saves weight to optimize performance
  • White Ice Insert
    Multi-layer insert has been fine-tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency and consistency Inner core enhances feel and resiliency, leading to consistent distance control Face surface has been roughened to enhance the sound at impact with softer golf balls and increase friction to promote forward roll
  • Satin Chrome Finish
    Provides a premium, beautiful look that is a favorite on Tour
  • Lamkin® 3GEN® Pistol Grip
    Thin, smaller pistol shape appeals to better players Made of Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN material, which is their softest synthetic rubber compound and reduces vibration without dulling the feel of the putt Allows golfers to keep forearms relaxed, apply very light grip pressure and minimize hand tension for smooth, consistent strokes

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